Understanding the User

Our goal for every project is to give users the best experience possible. Engaging and friction-less experiences entice people to interact with calls-to-action and lead to better Return on Investment (ROI) and reaching critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the process.

  • Identify the target audience
  • Gather requirements
  • Ask why does someone need this experience and what solution to a problem are we providing
  • Define KPIs and desired calls-to-action
  • Determine the definition of success


Creating the Experience

Armed with quality research, we begin to design the user experience by creating user flow diagrams, wireframes, designs, and prototypes.

  • Mapping out the user experience
  • Design User Interfaces
  • Create Design Guide
  • Visualize each step of the experience
  • Prototype key interactions


Bringing the Experience to Life

Time to bring the designed interactions to life. This involves coding the XR experience and integrating it with the chosen platform.

  • Develop the end-to-end experience
  • Test and iterate each step to ensure the design vision is carried through and performs well without errors
  • Engage focus groups to go through the experience and provide feedback on improvements


Launch the Experience

It’s ALIVE! Now the fun really begins as people enjoy the experience created.

  • Deploy at Trade Shows, in the App Stores, on Websites or Interactive Kiosks, in Corporate Training Centers, or any number of other locations
  • Analyze data to track user activity to ensure KPIs are met and that people are really interacting with the calls-to-action
  • Start planning the next successful immersive experience campaign!